Product range

Our range of products includes the well known AMC, BF cylinder heads, which may be purchased assembled or empty. In case of assembled cylinder heads, the camshaft and the valves are factory-assembled
Cylinder heads,Camshafts,Valve guides

Goetze, Payen, Victor Reinz, Glaser and AMC provide the cylinder head bolts that are indispensable for cylinder head repairs.
Cylinder bolts

Our company, Szakal METAL distributes Nüral, KolbenSchmidt, and SZMETAL products

Pistons and Liners

Glyco, King, KolbenSchmidt ensure our wide range of bearings. Our Engine Solutions replacement parts are used in millions of cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles.
wide range of bearings

Our product selections contains Pierburg and BOSCH vacuum pumps,solenoid valves, throttles, air mass meters. The air mass meter  -sometimes called the air flow meter- is used to determine the airflow that is being delivered to the engine.

Vacuum pumps,solenoid valves, throttles, sensors

In the field of brake parts manufacturing, Szakal METAL LTD. is the Hungarian distributor of FERODO brake parts with 100 years of experience. Further products came from KAMOKA: brake pads, brake shoes, brake disks, brake drums, brake fittings and wear indicators.

Brake pads,brake discs,brake calipers,accessories

AMCPittatore, AUTOPUMPS and SZMETAL camshafts form a more and more important part of our parts sales.

The Glaser, Victor Reinz, Goetze and Payen quality gaskets and seals guarantee perfect engine operation. Our product selections contain lower, upper and complete gasket kits, and valve stem, camshaft and crankshaft seals, intake  and exhaust manifolds, and rocker  covers, sump and cylinder head gaskets.
Gaskets, Seals

The name MOOG is synonymous with quality. KAMOKA products are a great alternatives with lower prices

Chassis parts,Steering elements

Range of Szakal MetaL  includes the well known CHAMPION, BOSCH and ELSTAR  Spark plugs and Glow plugs. Champion offers a full range of spark plug product lines for automotive, industrial, heavy duty and racing applications.
Spark plugs and Glow plugs

Our company distributes the Osvat, AE, Freccia and KolbenSchmidt valves that many customers favor; and Metelli, Freccia, AE valve guides, and valve-seats manufactured by KolbenSchmidt, Metelli and SZMETAL.

Valves,Valve Guides, Valve Seats

From passenger cars to commercial vehicles, Champion has provided comprehensive coverage for all types of vehicles for the best and safest visibility.. Champion’s AeroVantage range represents an innovation in wiper technology for passenger-vehicle and commercial-vehicle applications. KAMOKA wiper blades also feature exclusive designs and materials to ensure the cleanest windshield for every driving condition.
Wiper blades


Our selection contains the GoetzeKolbenSchmidt, and SZMETAL piston rings known for their excellent quality.

Piston rings

Our company distributes the excellent quality oil- and fuel-pumps, and air- and pollen(cabin)-filters manufactured by KolbenSchmidt, KAMOKA, CHAMPION and ZERO POLLUTION.

Air filters, Oil filters, Fuel filters and Cabin filters

Our selection contains AE, AMC, MetelliMEC-DIESEL products. Rocker arms are a pivoted lever used in an internal combustion engine to transfer cam or pushrod motion to a valve stem.
Rocker arms, Hydro lifters, Pointer blanks

Szakal Metal distribute the quality batteries of BOSCH  and additional batteries of EXIDE.The batteries application cover the entire range of passenger and commercial vehicles, heavy trucks and agricultural machines, operating in normal and harsh environmental conditions.
Automotive battery, batteries


MOTIP and WÜRTH Engine paint, Body paint, Refresher, Primer, Chain cleaner, Heat Resistant Lacquer, Tyre repair set, Car care, De-Icer, Car polish & wax.
Car care

Our product selections contain the Valeo, LUK, Exedy, TRUCKTEC clutch disks. Clutch disks are machine elements for the connection and disconnection of shafts in equipment drives.

Clutch disks

In the engine and other oils and different lubricants department we are at our customers’ disposal with products from manufacturers known for their excellent quality. We distribute, from the smallest configuration to the 60 – 205 liter barrels, oils and lubricants from ENEOS, CastrolQ8.

Engine oils, lubricants, greases

Our new products are the excellent quality AIRTEX water-pumps, which complement the  Metelli, BF Germany and KolbenSchmidt products. The AUTOPUMPS oil-pumps ensure the backbone of our company’s oil-pump program, supporting the MEC-DIESEL products.
Water pumps and Oil pumps